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JE Joseph Consulting services include corporate coaching for leaders, health coaching programs, and career/personal coaching for individuals.  Services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify strengths and opportunities, a targeted plan with timelines and milestones, a mutual investment in working together and built-in accountability. We also offer quality resources designed for your specific needs that will help you accomplish your goals and ensure your success.

Janel Joseph

As a coach, Janel’s passion is helping people grow into their full potential by defining success, overcoming and reframing challenges, and building the life you want to live.  Janel has provided coaching solutions for over 25+ years across a variety of industries with differing size and scope (individuals, start-ups through Fortune 100 companies). Her work has evolved to include neuroscience based behavioral techniques, evidence-based resilience practices, and health coaching including the use of breathing, meditation, and yoga to create sustainable changes.  Where we work matters and Janel focuses on working with companies and individuals that are working toward a global future where all can live.

Janel works with individuals to define success, amplify strengths, and incorporate behavior changes needed to attain the targeted goals.  Her straight forward, values-based approach to collaborating and finding solutions is thoughtful, innovative and helpful.  Janel helps leaders better understand how their strengths will help overcome challenges.

I have a network of more that 20 uniquely strong qualified coaches.  This network happily refers to each others without fees.